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While much has altered since Luckley’s beginnings, its aims, ideals and strong Christian values remain the foundations of a thriving school community. A Luckley education provides an aspirational setting built on mutual respect, love and dedication to one another as well as to the pursuit of knowledge and wide-ranging experiences. Through the breadth of a distinctly broad academic education, pupils are encouraged to follow their interests and discover the true extent of their own capabilities. Sports, the creative and performing arts are widely celebrated, encouraging pupils to be well-rounded, ready and equipped to live their lives well – to go on to positively impact society.

Luckley alumni are the engineers, doctors, nurses, veterinarians, health workers, teachers, analysts, entertainers and soldiers of today; naming a few of the destinations of our valued alumni community. Leaving a gift in your will helps support a distinctly Luckley education, where dreams are fostered within an intimate educational setting. There are many examples of how Luckley’s history highlights women’s progress in the first half of the 20th century; at a time when the School was all girls. In 1907 former Luckley pupil, Amy Mack, played hockey for England and captained the English team. In 1922, Barbara Bliss stood as Independent Liberal Candidate for Dover. Joan Mortimer was the first to win a Military Medal in the W.A.A.F. during WWII.

We could not be prouder of our alumni community and their positive impact on the societies they serve. Luckley alumni are frequently in touch with the School, often thanking us for equipping them for their future; for supporting their dreams, helping them discover their talents and encouraging them to challenge themselves to develop further. It is not surprising that today there are Luckley alumni that boast their own businesses, from Psychology practices, farm owners and freelance television producers, to world class actresses and marketing agency owners, to name a few.

By leaving a gift in your will to Luckley you will play an active role in preparing future generations to make a meaningful and positive contribution to society. A society that needs doers, thinkers and leaders.


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