Every year, Luckley hosts a Bonfire and Firework Night for the school community, which is organised and funded by Luckley House Friends (the school’s PTA). Around 700 people will enjoy the evening this Friday (3 Nov) with a spectacular firework display and delicious hot dogs.

However, over recent years the highlight of the evening, and the topic for discussion for the weeks leading up to the night, has been the bonfire!

Each year Steve Holland, the school’s Groundsman, spends weeks planning and building a spectacular bonfire. Last year he achieved the recognition he deserved when his ‘Pudding Lane bonfire’ was featured on the local BBC news. Previous years have seen the ‘Houses of Parliament’, ‘Big Ben’ and ‘Westminster Palace’.

This year Mr Holland has really excelled himself with a truly magnificent creation.
He has built his own replica of the German Battleship, ‘the Admiral Graf Spee’.
Admiral Graf Spee was a Deutschland-class “Panzerschiff” (armored ship), nicknamed a “pocket battleship” by the British, which served with the Kriegsmarine of Nazi Germany during World War II. The ship’s captain, Hans Langsdorff scuttled the ship in neutral waters in December 1939, after it became damaged.

The ‘ship’s crew’ includes various members of Luckley staff, but of course, Mr Holland is the captain!

The pupils have also engaged with the project, helping to paint the portholes on the ship and regularly visiting the field to watch the progress.

The firework display is set to be particularly spectacular this year with some ‘top secret’ special effects planned

Head, Jane Tudor said:
“Mr Holland’s hard work and creativity is very much appreciated by the whole school. We all look forward to seeing his fabulous creations and are always slightly saddened to see all his hard work go up in flames.”