At this year’s Microsoft Digigirlz event, the Luckley team had the task of designing a working solution to a road safety problem. The eight girls worked in two teams of four to think about how road safety could be improved outside our school. They had to create a model using a variety of craft items and then program the Microbits to make a working model.

Our team ‘Luckley Lights’ did incredibly well, out-performing the other 160 pupils from the 20 schools present, to win the award for “Best Social Impact”. The girls Tati, Charlotte, Amelia and Hannah worked well together and managed to program two working model traffic barriers and a flashing light sensor, designed as a solution to traffic problems at Luckley Road turning onto Finchampstead Road.

Our second team ‘Smart Sensors’ looked at solving the early morning congestion due to parked cars.

The girls were also thrilled that a former Luckley student, Ruby, was their mentor for the day and also one of Microsoft’s speakers. Ruby talked about why she chose to do an apprenticeship with Microsoft rather than go to university.