Jane Tudor 2010 – 2020

Jane Tudor was appointed to Luckley House as Deputy Head in 2010. She was then quite unexpectedly catapulted into Headship only two years later at a time when the School was facing an existential crisis: pupil numbers were low and falling and confidence in the School was very much in the balance. We have grown accustomed to the notion of cliff edges in recent times, but if ever the epithet was appropriate it certainly fitted Luckley. Jane was embarking on the most challenging chapter of her career.

The turnaround has been remarkable. Jane takes her leave after 8 years at the helm with the School in a position of strength. She has grown the School by 90 pupils, raised academic standards, taken us successfully into full coeducation, overseen the change of name to something which we can now pronounce and overseen a remarkable programme of facilities development. In all Jane has added immeasurably to the breadth and quality of the education offered to Luckley pupils. And she has nurtured the School’s Christian character as much by her example as by her precepts.

Jane will want to be remembered for her love of learning and her desire to share her passion for life with both staff and pupils. It is a request readily granted, but so much more is to her credit. We will be the poorer at her going, but much the richer for all she has done. She leaves with our heartfelt thanks and with every good wish for her and her family in the years to come.

John Richardson, Chair of Governors

June 2020