Following the move to coeducation in September 2015, a major focus this year is to develop the sports provision at Luckley, particularly for boys. The Year 7 and 8 boys enjoyed some real sporting achievements last year, with notable wins in both football and cricket matches against local schools.

We are is now into the third year of co-education and the increasing number of boys has led to the appointment of a Head of Boys Sport from this academic year. Mr Matt Humphrey brings a wealth of experience, including teaching PE at LVS Ascot, cricket coaching at Binfield Cricket Club and as a regular on the football field, both as a player and a coach, as he leads the Independent Schools U13 Regional South Central squad. He is also the ISA London West Sports Coordinator, which will be of great benefit to Luckley, in terms of access to new opportunities and resources.

Mr Humphrey has outlined his plans to develop certain areas of sport which will include a significant increase in the number and variety of fixtures played.

He says “”I am really excited to be working at Luckley House School, there will be a strong emphasis on high quality teaching and coaching, allowing every pupil to participate and succeed at every level. We have a competitive fixture program against both independent and state schools in place ready for September, across football, hockey and rugby.”

The school has also secured a partnership with Sand Martins Golf Club in Wokingham. The intention is to commence a junior golf programme in January 2018 and to identify potential golf scholars for extra-curricular coaching. Another plan is to introduce tennis camps from September. Taster sessions will be offered to all our pupils who may then sign up for regular lessons as an after school activity.

Mrs Kirstie Hobson, Director of Sport at Luckley said “It is an exciting time to be Head of PE at Luckley and even more exciting to be a pupil. There are lots of changes happening in the sports department which will provide students with many more opportunities and chances to improve their sporting ability whilst also developing a lifelong love of sport’.