There were lots of smiles this morning as GCSE students collected their long awaited exam results.

Head, Jane Tudor commented:

“It is with real pride that we can announce another excellent set of GCSE results for Luckley House School.

53%  A*/A/7+

28%  A*/8+

77% A* – B

89% A* – C

This represents significant achievements for pupils of all abilities with public exam performance often better that expected. This is testament to the effort Luckley pupils put into all areas of endeavour including music, drama and various sports.”

Amongst the happy students were:

Danni S was thrilled to have achieved a Grade 9 in her Mathematics exam, along with 8s in English Literature and English Language, five A*s, one A and two Bs.

Sophie B achieved two 8s, a 7, five As, two Bs and one C

Megan H achieved two 8s, a 7, six A*s and three As


Sophie    – 8 7 8  A  A  A B  A  A B

Josie    – 8 7 8 A  A  A  A* A* A* B

Megan H  – 8 7 8 A* A A* A* A A* A* A*

Ha Yeon   – 6 8 9 A* A* A* A* A* B A*

Sarah     – 7 9 8 A* A A* A* A* A* A*

Julia    – 6 8 8 A* A A* A* A* A A

Danielle   – 8 8 9 A* A B A* B A* A*

Stephanie – 6 8 9 A* A A* A* A* A* A*

Imogen    – 6 8 6 A B A* C A* A B

Stepanka  – 9 8 7 A A B A* A* A A B

Lara    – 6 7 6 CA D A* A* B A

Megan W – 7 7 7 A A A A A A C B

Emily B    – 9 8 8 B B A* A A B

Emily T    – 7 7 8 B A* A B A* A A


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